Wings From Above
A Medical Transport Charity

100% Dedicated To Our Charities

Wings From Above, Inc. was founded by Jason Pace, Ken Sheesley and Ron Sewell as a result of involvement with medical transport organizations for over a decade. As pilots, Jason and Ron have flown many missions including patients who needed specialized hand surgeries, disaster relief missions (Hurricane Katrina), genetic spinal disease, liver transplant patients, heart transplant patients, etc.

After seeing the emotional stress on the face of patients and their families, and the need to help save lives, the organizers of Wings From Above felt the need to become more deeply involved in securing the stability of these organizations who often operate out of poor facilities (that they call offices) on shoestring budgets and mostly volunteers. As an example, with Mercy Flight Southeast, every dollar donated yields ten dollars in services to the patient and their family.

Wings From Above has no employees and all proceeds go to the organizations we support.

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